Tutorials and Examples

PARETO currently has the following Jupyter notebook demonstrations available:

  1. Strategic model demo

  2. Strategic model - treatment module and sensitivity analysis demo

  3. Visualization utility demonstrations:

Users interested in utilizing PARETO programmatically by writing Python code can download and run these Jupyter notebooks. Additional Jupyter notebook tutorials and examples are currently under development and will be added to the examples directory of the PARETO repository when they are available. The above list will be updated as well.

PARETO is an open source project in collaboration with the IDAES and WaterTAP projects. As such, the IDAES tutorials and WaterTAP tutorials are good ancillary learning materials.

New users of PARETO will also benefit from familiarity with Python and Pyomo. PARETO, IDAES, and WaterTAP are all built with Python and Pyomo, so we refer users unfamiliar with Python or Pyomo to the following tutorials: